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Who We Are

The not for profit venture Gwent Independent Film Trust Limited, known as GIFT (GWENT), was established to enable the development of new broadcast productions in Gwent relating to policing, community concerns and public safety issues.

Our registered charity number is 1141278.

COW – its first film – is the story of Cassie Cowan, a 17 year old who causes the death of four people when she texts while she is driving.

Made by award winning director, Peter Watkins-Hughes, the film was commissioned by Gwent Police. It has been viewed millions of times on the internet, and picked up by many international broadcasters. It is a forerunner of the type of production that are supported by the Trust.

For further information about GIFT (GWENT) please contact Corporate Communications at Gwent Police at

Road Safety Film COW Wins Media Award

GIFT (GWENT) was delighted that COW, the Public Safety  film  about the dangers of texting and driving which has become a world-wide success, won the Young People Award at the 2011 Celtic Media Awards, the annual three day celebration of broadcasting, film talent and excellence.

Peter Watkins-Hughes, Executive Producer, said: “The aim of COW was to stir debate and stimulate discussion amongst young drivers in the hope that they will think twice about taking their eyes off the road and losing concentration, no matter what the distraction.”

PSA Texting & Driving Video (COW)

This video contains scenes that some people may find distressing.

Car Cruisers – Safer Driving Video